Free Fashion Figure Templates

Free fashion figure templates?  Can it be true?  You bet.   Here are some standard 9-head fashion figure templates for your own use.  These are my own creations.  You wont find them anywhere else online, and you won’t find them in any books.

Here’s how you can use them in your own designs.

  • Use them as reference material for your own fashion sketches.
  • Insert them into a Word doc (or some other program) and print them out.  Draw your fashion sketches directly on the printouts.  Note:  You probably want to lighten up the images if you do this, so you are not drawing over pitch-black line drawings.  After all, it’s YOUR illustrations that you want to show off, not the figures underneath.
  • Use image transfer paper (carbon paper) to copy the images onto another sheet of paper, illustration board or canvas.  (Use a really sharp pencil if you use transfer paper – the duller your pencil, the less distinct the lines will be)
  • Use a light table/light box to trace the images onto another sheet of paper.
  • Heck, there are all kinds of ways to transfer images onto paper.  Too may to list here. Art E-Zine links to a bunch of ways to transfer these to paper.


Want more free fashion figure templates?

Sign up for my mailing list.  I’ll send you a zip file containing a bunch more free fashion figure templates to use.  Coming soon.

But until I get my mailing list up and running, Ayisha has some cool figures as well at her blog.  Check it out.

A sketch based on one of my free fashion figure templates

Here's a sketch based on one of my templates (see if you can guess which one!) I did this on digitally, using ArtRage 3.