Fashion Sketches – A Quick Update

I have still been working on updating the fashion sketches posted on this site.  Thanks to some great feedback from people who have downloaded my PDF file, I have been making some changes.  The goal is to provide templates that are useful to you in your own fashion sketches, but still have a unique artistic direction in their own right.

Anyway, lots of things have been preventing me from putting the attention to this that I would like.  You know, life and stuff.

So, here are a couple of examples of the direction I am headed now.  I like the way they are looking…a variety shading, some calligraphic lines, a bit Impressionistic in their brushstrokes.  And I am creating them in a vector graphics program, so I’ll be able to provide them to you in both jpegs and illustrator files when they’re done.  Hopefully that way, you will be able to pull them into your own illustrations, regardless of whether you work in traditional media or digital.

Anyway, thanks for being patient as I work on these.  Soon, hopefully, they’ll be done and ready use in your own fashion sketches.

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